Essential Terminology in Information Security

Hack Value:- It is the notion among hackers that “something is worth doing” or is interesting.

Vulnerability:- Existence of a “weakness, design, or implementation error” that can lead to an unexpected event compromising the security of the system.

Exploit:- A “breach” of IT system security through vulnerabilities.

Payload:- Payload is the “part of an exploit code” that performs the intended malicious action, such as destroying, creating back-doors, and hijacking computers.

Zero-Day Attack:- An attack that exploits “computer application vulnerabilities” before the software developer releases a patch for the vulnerability.

Daisy Chaining:- It involves “gaining access to one network and/or computer” and then using the same information to gain access to multiple networks and computers that contain desirable information.

Doxing:- Doxing refers to “Publishing personally identifiable information” about an individual collected from publicly available databases and social media.

Bot:- A “bot” is a software application that can be “controlled remotely to execute or automate predefined tasks”.

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